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Thread: Handling tens of imported Premiere clips and which workflow direction

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    Question Handling tens of imported Premiere clips and which workflow direction

    Hope someone can help me with this. I usually start with long videos that have way too many disposable parts scattered around the whole length of the video, and the juicy parts (which are still numerous) must be trimmed of all that fluff; obviously I do this in Premiere. Thus, the Premiere Sequence becomes a long bar of sometimes very short clips, dozens of them, with video & audio transitions in-between. Now you can imagine what this consistent stream of organized clips looks like once copied & pasted, or project-imported into After Effects; the After FX Composition looks like an endless 2D stairway and some strange lines—basically looks like a nightmare!

    In fact, last time I imported this kind of thing into After Effects I saw nothing but a solid black rectangle no matter where I scrubbed!

    I thought about and pondered this dilemma, and I really don't know what to do. I consistently need to make After Effects color and Levels adjustments for [all] the clips (the entire production), plus add text and effects here and there. I thought about leaving the entire color-corrected original footage to render overnight so I can edit in Premiere next day, but two problems: 1. Won't multiple rendering to H264 / mp4 compromise the quality of the final production? And 2. I can't add the text effects and so until the footage is properly trimmed and edited. I also thought about finalizing the editing in Premiere [and] rendering to give After Effects a single clip to color-correct and add effects and text at the exact correct times, but again, won't two exports to H264 compromise quality? And it seems like After Effects' exporting capabilities are inferior to Premiere's, so I'd rather make the final export / render from Premiere.

    I hope that I was able to explain my challenge and dilemma clearly. What I want is to find out what I (or Adobe!) am doing wrong here, the right direction of the workflow in my situation, an exporting solution that doesn't compromise quality (and isn't as size-beastly as AVI as I don't have enough disk space for that!), and—if relevant—how to deal with the so many Premiere clips when imported into After Effects.

    Many thanks for anyone taking the time to help.

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    You need to re-do your organization system. It will save you a big headache.

    Split your sequence by scene or segment. If you do have to stack multiple clips, try to "flatten" them as much as possible. In other words don't layer clips that don't need to be layered. Remove the parts of the clips are that aren't showing on screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapVideo View Post
    Split your sequence by scene or segment.
    Also create sub sequences if your video is huge.

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