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    Hey everyone! Just got this talon a month ago and finally got around to doing a full length feature. There are a ton of car videos on the internet but no decently done, DSM videos. This summer I plan to change that! Please comment, critique and like the video, let me know what you think! Thanks for watching!

    DSM Power - 96 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD Film - YouTube

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    If I tell you that I had no idea what a Talon is and even after watching I have no idea what DSM is then you'll have some idea of how limited my knowledge of what you're trying to achieve is! Therefore my comments should be taken as from someone who doesn't have a clue what they're talking about.

    I like your ambition, but I'd like to know what you consider "decently done" and what you think this ha sthat others don't. From my point of view it looked like many other car vids. It's unusual to see one slightly desaturated and I admire you for trying that, but presumably the shiny oversaturated look that we normally see is there for a reason - it makes the cars look more exciting.

    The overcast sky also made the video look rather dreary.

    Most shots were "OK" rather than prefect - the glidetrack and (pseudo?) crane were certainly better than I could manage, but still need to be smoother for a "posed" video like this.

    Mostly the shots seemed standard, but here were one ro two where I thought the framing was way off - eg 1:06 the car is inn the top half of the frame (and fades into the white sky) but is uncomfortably cut off across the windows.
    I also found some of the shots held too long before the car entered or after the car left the frame.

    It's not bad, but there's a lot of competition out there. With a film like this, where you're basically filming a "model", every shot has to be absolutely perfect and I'm sure that'll come with practice.

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    Camera wise I think this is one of your better pieces. I thought the over all grading didn't quite work. It made everything very dull. You could try using a grad filter effect rather than making the whole picture discoloured. I guess this is a personal taste thing. I would have cut the sequence between 50 & 60 seconds much faster. This would have given a greater impression of what is undoubtedly a very fast car. I liked the camera movement and angles, not sure about the empty road shot at 27 seconds.

    The thing I think you need to really work on as an editor is to bring the piece to a natural conclusion as it ends a bit suddenly for no apparent reason.

    Generally I think this is an improvement on your other work.

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    Thanks a lot with the feedback I totally agree with some of the points mentioned and definitely see where I could have improved. the whole goal of this is to get better and learn something from each new video. Thanks! This is an example of the crap I see out there for these cars....Epic Eagle Talon TSi Teaser - YouTube and others that if you just search eclipse or talon you will be overwhelmed with the terrible sequenced and shot videos.

    this one is a great video too 1995 Eagle talon tsi awd - YouTube
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