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    I just registered to the forum today. I've been filming and editing event video for various electronic artists since this January, in my spare time (being an engineering student sucks up a lot of time), I've made about 6 in total. It essentially started out because I attended a Skrillex show and my buddy was doing video. He was too busy to edit, so I said I'd do it, for free. I had nothing done anything like it before, so thus the journey began. Now I own a Canon T3i, and shoot mostly with a 24 F1.4 lense with an LED light on the show or around the lense. I've also shot some video with the 5DMKII.

    Anyway, what I would like to know is:

    What can I improve upon? I know that some of my shots are shakier than I want, it's tough recording in a crowd of people who are dancing and having fun. I'm looking at steady cams but I don't want to sacrifice movement. I also would like to get into color grading a bit, but other than that, what can you guys recommend? I think most of you shoot wedding, recitals, and the other concert, so this might be a bit different but shoot me what you have. The promoters have, so far, been pleased with the videos, but I'd like to improve as much as possible.

    You can check out the latest one here:

    The other question I have is rates. I spent roughly 6 hours for that video. It's definately getting quicker, the first two videos I had spend over 20 hours each although it was also my first time using premiere and after effects. My rates right now are $250-$300 for a 1.5 to 2.5 minute long video, including editing, processing/rendering, and shooting. Let me know what you think, I'm aware I have a lot to learn and am essentially completely new to all of this. Thanks!

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    The video is good and pacey and get the mood over.

    I would charge as an hourly rate, look at your costs, travel, hourly rate, equipment, overheads, insurance, and not forgetting your skill, it all has a value.

    Make a spreadsheet and then just punch in the figures to get a quote.

    I use that method for my Shoot & Play option

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    The only thing I can think that your video is laking is crowd noise. I think this would lift it's good feel to a higher level.

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