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Thread: Music Video: Critiques/Comments well welcomed

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    This is a Video I did for my friend's song Heart of a Warrior..Let me know what you think...Good/Bad doesn't matter...I know its not the greatest work that's why I want critiques

    If you like the song Visit Lil Pat | Facebook for more music.
    Thank you.

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    Not badly shot, well framed but what's with all the film burn effects. I suspect like me you found it dull so tried to spruce it up.

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    yeah basically

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    Midnight is right. What's worse is the effect doesn't even seem to have been used with any sort of purpose, just bunged in willy-nilly. And it is sooooooo cliché.

    I believe in years to come people will be able to date videos using this effect to within 6 minths, simply because it's a passing fad (which I hope will be very short-lived).

    The actual look of the video was very dull. Was that intentional? Did you reduce contrast and soften the image or was this just a factor of shooting at night?

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    i dont know that it was thrown in willy-nilly...maybe in some parts it seems that way but in others it actually worked as a transition....but yes it did come out not to great with the color correction aspect of things yet...but i did soften the image alil

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