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    Hi Gang

    I'm not usually found in any web forum if it's not car related so I hope I'm able to fit in here. Being as this is my first post and I didn't find a welcome section, I would first like to say HELLO !!!

    A bit about me. I first got interested in video cameras when my Dad bought a huge piece of kit way back in the mid 80s. VHS-C tapes were inserted into a separate unit and a camera then connected to it. It was cool at the time but heavy to carry and cumbersome to try to put onto a full size VHS tape.

    Recently I bought a very small Sony camcorder after finally accepting that I wouldn't look like a wally using it around professional TV crews. Actually I do look soppy but I don't care. I'm happy with the quality and it's sooooo convenient, especially recording onto an SD card!

    Now to my point/question. I want to make titles. Flashy graphical titles that show people's names at the bottom of the screen when they are being interviewed. I've pretty much mastered using editing software called VideoPad and I'm quite happy with it. It's easy to learn and use but it doesn't offer flashy graphical titles. Can anyone recommend me a free package that I can get started with please?

    I'm keeping my spending to a very minimum right now until I have decided exactly what package I want. I don't mind spending eventually but being such a newbie I just want to know what all my options are before I lay out.

    OK, thanks for reading and hope to read some replies later.



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    Try Sony Movie studio, use the text media and move into position or the pan crop to position on screen as required

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    I think OP is after something "Free" and he has been through the pain-barrier using one Editor.
    (I use VSv10).
    A cheap method will be to make .png files using a text editor, output to paper - take photo (or direct Save AS if it supports it). Now you have a file with the correct test at the bottom of the frame (you may need to develop a "house-style" so there is a visual consistancy.
    Now, with your editor introduce the stills where the person is intoduced, say for a minimum of 3 sec so the viewer can read it.
    -but it's far easier in an Editor like Vegas Studio - v11 even has a semi-animated titler to play with . . . about 25 from Amazon.

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    Very many thanks for the replies. 25 quid is not too much for Vegas Studio. I'm just a bit reluctant to spend the time mastering another editor but it's offering more function then I'm going for it.

    Thank you again for the guidance.


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    I don't know if you may have already tried your Windows Movie Maker. Titles and Credits. News banner. Fades in and out at the bottom like they do with news bulletin's on TV.

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    FWIW I tried VideoPad and got nowhere, Windows Live Movie Maker is quite restricting and I didn't like the layout. Vegas Studio is how an Editor should be, although it has some issues, mostly that the individual windows can be moved by mistake. (reset is available). Well worth the initial pain as you have so much functionality.
    Get v11 for 1080p and a natty animated titler (in addition to the normal Text - and a credit-roll which can look nice).

    At 24 for v11 VS is pretty much a bargain.
    However as you have to Unlearn some bits, it may be worth spending an extra 10 for v11 Production Suite which comes with a 1hr DVD tutorial ( mine showed those lower thirds titles you want) . . . as well as "Sound Forge" . . . useful for audio, I find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptionWorld View Post
    I don't know if you may have already tried your Windows Movie Maker. Titles and Credits. News banner. Fades in and out at the bottom like they do with news bulletin's on TV.
    The file types I have are .m2ts and this isn't recognised by Windows Movie Maker. Perhaps I should compile the video first to .avi and then add them after? Thanks.

    I'm going to buy Vegas Studio v11 but I can't find it for 24, can anyone provide me the link please?

    Cheers all, fantastic forum. I'll share a few videos once I'm settled.

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    Have a look at Amazon Good prices and excellent delivery service.

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    You're right Amazon does have it cheap but now I've another question. What is the "Vegas Pro 11" version? It's 366 so must offer much more but what exactly? Is it worth the extra money? Anyone know the difference between the standard "Vegas Studio" and the "Studio Platinum" edition?

    Maybe I'll buy an older "pro" version of it? V10 Platinum suite is 188 - maybe that'll do as a good compromise?


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    Oh I thought you were looking at 24 worth. If you click on your chosen software icon at Amazon. It should give you the spec plus customer reviews. Then you can evaluate and make up your mind what to go for. Just a point make sure your computer is up to the software's spec. Nothing worse than shelling out a load of money and your machine is not up to it.

    As for more detailed info on Vegas. there is a lot of expertize on it here from other members. Just ask.

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