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Thread: Seoul Friendship Fair 2012

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    Default Seoul Friendship Fair 2012

    Two days of an unforgettable festival.

    The event is one of the finest world festivals.

    Performance troupes, a world food court and a traditional folk art exhibition from 60 countries attended the event.

    Throughout the two days, wonderful performances took place and there were the many exciting things to see and interesting experiences.

    All those who come to this festival have an opportunity for a two day party at which you can enjoy a different culture with great shows and do a quick shopping tour and try food from around the world.

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    You've got a lot of content here some of it very good, it's a shame the edit is all so random. See if there is a way to make it seem like it belongs together in one video.

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    Looks like a lot of fun ........ lots of footage which captures the atmosphere well.

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