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Thread: Need help from anyone using Showbiz DVD, please ;-)

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    Default Need help from anyone using Showbiz DVD, please ;-)

    Hi, all.

    I recently purchased an HP Media Center PC, (it's a monster; I love it). One of the selling points for me was the ability to make DVDs from old VHS or 35mm tapes. The HP machine came with this software already loaded.

    I created a really awesome movie, complete with text and effects, etc, (output from my 35mm camcorder), but, I'm having the following problems.

    1. With recordable media: It doesn't recognize a DVD-RW as recordable media, but, exported just fine to DVD-R.
    2. With the end-result: I got the movie onto a disk which plays just fine on my computer, but, NOT in my DVD player that's part of our home theater.

    I'm using version 2.0, and following all the instructions that I can find... "Create / Write a DVD". Maybe I'm not selecting the correct "Video Format" from the drop-down menu? - I've been choosing "DVD File". What the heck do these other choices even mean? (Sorry, I'm a total newbie, LOL)... "DV File"; "SVCD File" ?

    Any light you can shed would be so greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    Deb (cornfused in Kansas)

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    Dern nobody's replied to me yet. Well, I made another movie tonight, and the DVD plays just fine if I don't add effects.

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    I've been having the same problem, but since I don't have a dvd burner, I've been trying to burn VCDs, which are like dvds, but will work in dvd players even though it's on a CD. SVCD is just a better version of a VCD.

    I have an HP media center too, but it's a year old.

    First of all, you need to check out the compatibility of your dvd player. Some players are finicky with certain types of media, such as -+R and
    -+RW, as well as brand.

    On the RW, it has to be completely empty in order to burn it. If there's anything on it, you have to erase it or format it before you reburn it. Was it brand new when you tried?

    Tell me the dvd model and I'll check the compatiblity for you.

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    So it worked fine on your stand alone dvd player without any added effects in the editing, huh? There are definitely bugs in showbiz.

    That really upsets me because I really have fun playing around with them. Let me know if you figure anything out regarding the effects.

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    Default Stilll having problems with SHOWBIZ :-(

    (reply to WeenFan... HP 300n)

    I am sooooo disappointed. I've probably wasted about $50 in blank DVD's so far; exporting my projects to the disk only to discover that they do not play back on my player. (They play on my computer just fine though!)

    I even tried exporting a file to my hard-drive, and importing to a new project so there were no "scenes" or "effects" to jam the works - but they STILL won't play correctly; the scenes and/or effects just make the player "freeze" and I have to forward thru the disk.

    Then, I thought maybe I was recording at too fast a speed, so I slowed that down (I *think* I slowed it down - is hard to tell the setting on showbiz) - same problem occurs.

    Sadly, I'm such a newbie at this that I don't know if it's me doing something wrong; is the software that buggy; is it my hardware? Darn it, darn it, darn it! I have found such a great creative outlet and I can't get it to work. PLUS... the cost of this software was surely loaded into the price for this new HP Media Center - if it's the software, then by golly, I want some of my money back. grrrrr.

    Just tonight I downloaded a trial version of "Intervideo WinDVD Creator". It appears to have great features too. (I'll be steamed it if works though because that will mean I'll have to SPEND MORE MONEY! ugggh! )

    I'll let you know if that one works for me.

    In the meantime, can ya'll let me know which software you've had the most success with, please? I've checked out the reviews at marcpeters site, (greatly appreciated) but, I'd like to hear even more opinions, especially if there are less-expensive products available.

    ---- Sorry if this is posted in the wrong category of the forum; I just wanted to continue on the original thread.


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    Of the Products in Marc's reveiws I have used both Ulead Workshop and Ulead MovieMaker. Both without any problems whatsoever.

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    Default Update / NEW Question Ulead product...

    Update. I have successfully created a DVD that plays in the stand-alone player, using "WinDVD" trial version - I did that mainly to figure out if "Showbiz" software is the culprit.

    I wonder if Showbiz's problem could be the speed that it writes to the disk, if I'm reading it correctly, looks like the slowest is 3x? (choices are 3, 6 & up).

    With WinDVD trial version, I used the 2.4x option (choice is 2.4x or 4x). WinDVD seems to have similar features for editing and effects & such... however one problem that I have with that is that there's no AUDIO during editing... can't hear what I'm doing, LOL.

    I'm about ready to download the Ulead Workshop trial version, and give it a whirl. I assume it will have some limited features. Are there any *really* big differences that I should be aware of, between the trial version and the full version?

    Thanks everyone for being so helpful and patient with this newbie

    Keep your thoughts and advice coming... I'll get there eventually; I'm a very determined gal.


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    There are no differences between the Full and Trial versions. The only difference is that the Trial is limited to 30 days.

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    Default Need Help With ShowBiz DVD 2 PLEASE!!


    Im trying to make a DVD christmas present for my mom for Christmas but i'm having a bit of trouble... I am able to capture video with the software and even edit to a point however... everytime I try and open my project the program shuts down with an error... this sometimes happens when I am editing as well, I cant return to work on my project and its becoming quite frustrating..

    If anyone knows anything or could help it would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you, Kristin!

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