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    Hi all. I've been editing video for a good while, and fairly familiar with Vegas and DVD Architect, but haven't tinkered with creating an archive DVD of photo stills. You know, the hard drive is filling up with years of great shots, and I need to build some discs to store them on so they can be viewed whenever I like.

    What I'm trying to figure out, is how to arrange menus, along with background music tracks for each menu, so I will have the ability to randomly flip thru a bunch of photos within a menu, w/o having the music in that menu being interrupted. I don't know if there's a way to handle this in DVD Architect, I have 5.2 Pro.

    Have you used a particular setup technique that solved this kind of problem to create a user-friendly photo album DVD? Some of my subjects will contain several hundred shots each, and I understand there are chapter limits of 99 for DVD and 999 for Blu-Ray. I will begin with DVDs and advance to Blu-Ray as needed, plan to practice with a few Blu-Ray-RW discs to make certain things are working properly before I commit an edit to disc.

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    Are you creating a photoAlbum, or archiving these pics in highest definition?
    I don't think these are the same thing.

    Personally I'm not convinced that CD/DVD/BD are the best way to archive files, the longevity is not proven IMHO.

    Far better to transfer the pics to a new HDD that's kept safe somewhere (eg under the house, provided you aren't in a flood-risk area. This location will give a stable temperature and freedom from static (unless you get a direct hit!).

    These days folks are saying the Cloud is the answer . . . have you considered this?

    RW discs make sense until you are sure of the software, but I've had issues with DASv5 although once written, discs should still playback without software (other than normally in a DVD/BD player, naturally.).

    I wonder if this shouldn't be in Computers/Storage?
    Good luck

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