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    Hey guys, I just wanted to get some feedback on this short I made for a "don't text and drive" campaign.

    I think the idea was really good, but for some reason the pacing didn't exactly convey the level of humor I was looking for. Any comments about that?


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    If you were looking for humour go for a different subject. I thought this was more thought provoking which isn't a bad thing for what it was.

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    liked the last breaking into car bit.

    Thought it was more generalised compared to just don't drive and text.

    (ie) wake up and stop texting.

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    I see what you mean about it being a touchy subject to be "funny" with.

    I think I was going for a "texting is distracting while you're doing stuff much less dangerous than driving" type feeling.

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    I don't think you want to go with out and out "funny" for this sort of message. Just go with "what an incredibly stupid thing to do" and I think this video does that extremely well.

    My only gripe would be I thought the breaking into the car scene went on far too long (it wasn't in balance with the others)

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