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    Default Editing software effects useage Poll

    What percentage overall of your Video editing software programme do you think you actually use? That's like the special effects, transitions etc. Could be that over 50% worth never gets used and your just paying for items you would never use. It would be interesting to hear your views guys.

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    You´re probably right..... Maybe the excess resources is the main cause why videos are more "clean" now? As a beginner, I don´t even know what I have in hands!!!

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    I have had a good trawl through Pinnacle Studio 12. I know whats there some remarkable gismos but would never use them. Like TV and Professional video they just seem to keep it simple.

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    What does the client want?
    What tool will do it the best?

    There are a heck of a lot of special FX, but it all depends on what content your out-putting, for example a "music video" or a title sequence to a program, may be incredibly special FX heavy, but the rest of the program will just use lower thirds, colour correction and maybe a bit of ken burns.

    Try looking at the BCC Sherlock Holmes take that they did recently, they used some really fun stuff in there.

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