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    So I bought a Sony HXR-MC50E second hand and I did not do my homework to then find the Sony does not have an option to turn of AGC on the audio. So when I plug in my Rode videomic pro, all I get is a loud hissing noise.

    So I've decided to down size it I suppose. I was looking at the Canon HF S30 and Panasonic TM900 before getting the Sony. But looks like I'm faced with the same decision.

    So can anyone point me in the right direction? Or suggest another camcorder to look at?

    Thank you in advance

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    AGC would be Automatic gain control ? Have you thought about getting a separate digital audio recording device like a Zoom or Tascam, rather than swapping cameras or don't you like the camera.

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    Yeah it is automatic gain control. It seems most Sony's only have two options for sound, normal which produces a lot of hiss and low which is a less hiss but still produces a lot of hiss. I have thought about getting a separate sound device but I am strapped for cash at the moment and could probably the use the extra bit of money getting a less expensive camera if I sold the Sony.

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