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Thread: I need some critical eyes on this

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    Default I need some critical eyes on this


    Natalie Clements 4crew director application - YouTube

    And theres been a blog write up!
    My 4crew application to be a director. « Natalie Clements

    [This is a short video about me and my skills as a self shooter/ director. I need to complete it by tomorrow, at the moment the soundtrack is being finished so the timing is slightly off.. however could really do with some eyes on it
    specifically if its too much or just right, is my name repeated too much? how does the grade look? I'd love an american voice over but time is too tight :/

    heres the link (new link above)
    password is batman

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    For me this is excellent. Short sharp shots and well framed camera angles. The voice over is great it matches the context of the video. Only thing I did see was some shots where slightly misty. I know when checking your own work over and over you tend to be over critical with faults that are not really there. Otherwise Great job Well Done!

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    In contrast to CaptionWorld, I don't think it sells you very well, but you're not going to change that by tomorrow sowe have to go with it.
    I too think the voice is perfect - an American one would just be wrong! I don't think the "natalies" occurred too often (but would with a different voice).
    I wouldn't mention that you edit using FCP. Just show it on the monitor. Those who care will recognise it. Those who "prefer" Avid or something else will think you're either incapable of using any other software (why should it matter?) or narrow minded.
    Personally I loved the video. However, I suspect many potential hires would be put off by it as it could easily be taken to suggest you're not serious about the job.

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    captionworld - do you have timecode for misty shots? I may have missed them, I think the first shot of me is soft but am living with that.
    Thankyou both, great reassurance on the voice and my name, those were big worries. Its quite a specific brief I've been set so there are things I wouldn't normally do. Emphasis on this task was to keep it fun, show the ability to construct a narrative, tell a story and include details on my ability as a selfshooting director and equipment in 90seconds as well as show off a bit of my own style.. thats a lot for 90 seconds! hope it works!

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    I grabbed your video of vimeo to have a look

    Batman-edit.png - Localhostr
    Batman-orig.png - Localhostr

    Maybe tweak the grading slightly to reduce the ghosting effect of the whites?

    If your not using them already, can I strongly recommend you learn the black art of scopes whilst editing? They are an incredibly useful tool if you want to get that extra touch when your grading video.
    Final Cut Pro Tutorial Basic Color Correction: Scopes And Analysis - YouTube

    Voice over is nicely recorded and clear throughout, I care not for the American accent

    Did not mind your name being repeated, It's all about you after all!

    Could have done with a cheesy knock out sound effect for Harle at the car door. Your going for cheese already, so why not have more cheese?

    Who is the target audience? Is this an advertisement for paid work as a freelance editor/cam op?

    That's it from me!

    Edit: I wonder if the softness at the start is a result of the grading?
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    Tim. Very interesting points. That's what makes this forum great, other opinions.

    Fuzzymuffin. It seems to be all the inside shots, not clear and sharp, but very noticeable on the software frame pic towards the end. Tim didn't mention it, I wonder if anyone else has noticed. Or is it just me.

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    In grading I was trying to go for an old 1960s tv series look but couldn't find anything on creating that kind of effect
    ie danger5 do it nicely DANGER 5 TRAILER - YouTube think I have gone ott with the whites. will re address.

    I requested more 'oomph' on the knock down to the composer who is working away on it at the mo

    Target audience is for a specific employer who set the brief. Will post the brief up with the final vid

    The softness at the beginning is definitely in camera. I set the tripod up and asked someone to frame me up properly and hit record, didn't specify for them to set the focus, which I should have. Lesson learnt.

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    I understand you had to follow a specific brief so you made it fun a quirky. I thought the the story board, VO where done well. I can't say I liked the grading at all. I believe you are going so some sort of 60's look but for me, sadly, it just distracted and degraded from what I know you can produce. What you seemed to do is over saturate the colour and then lower the contrast have one or the other or neither but not both together it's like mixing the (for the moment) de-saturated "milky" look that has started to come out of some ad agencies and a colour bleed from a VHS. That's really negative isn't it, sorry but I've seen you produce really nice looking work and the grading (for me) really spoils this piece.

    I agree with Tim in that this piece doesn't sell you the best but if you had to follow a specific brief then that's what you had to do.

    Hope you don't find my comments too negative, it's just that I am a fan of your work when your doing what Nat does best. Things like the quirky robot music video, burlesque that sort of thing.

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    :p agreed. Its what I come here for
    have had another go at the grading, looks much better

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    aaand updated, let me know if you thinks it looks better! or not...

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