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Thread: How do I turn off "Blur" effect after applying to desired segment - Studio 12 (Trial)

  1. Default How do I turn off "Blur" effect after applying to desired segment - Studio 12 (Trial)

    Hi. I'm trying to use a 15-day trial version of Pinnacle Studio 12 to accomplish a once in a lifetime video edit; specifically blurring out a face in the video to protect the person's privacy. (See thread, A question and apology... ,
    for the exact 'story' behind this.) All works fine as far as applying the blurring effect to the part of the video image in question. Problem arises where the blurring for the desired part of the video image is completed and therefore no more blurring is needed for the rest of the video footage. There's no obvious way to turn the effect off so that it doesn't end up leaving a blurred area in the video image throughout the remaining footage. I had thought that simply setting the blur effect parameters (Top, Bottom, Right, Left) to reduce the blur area to zero, and placing that somewhere in a corner of the screen, would do the trick. But to my surprise and frustration, I end up with footage marred by a sizable block of blurred area persisting somewhere smack in the middle of the remaining video footage. Maybe I'm just experiencing deliberate bugs put in the Trial version to frustrate efforts of people like myself for attempting to complete a project with it for free. (Regarding "bugs"... for instance, the program often crashes, or effect functionality 'greys out', seemingly at random; further frustrating efforts to get much work done on it. I've found a similar situation with other trial versions of commercial video editor programs, such as the Sony Vegas Studio trial.) But I don't really know enough to say. Any suggestions, information, advice would be appreciated.


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    What you need to do here is with the video in the timeline create a separate frame for the face area. Using the razor blade just below the preview screen make a cut either side, then you should be able to blur that part. The cut will not show in the video when you play it.

    Pinnacle requires a lot of available memory which otherwise can cause it to crash or some things wont work, also If you are trying to use HD and your computer isn't up to it. use in standard mode.

    Hope this helps.

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