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Thread: new to sony vegas

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    Default new to sony vegas

    hello im new to sony vegas and i was wondering where i can find some tutorials and templates to be use in this software?

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    Default Yes that would be great more training

    I am also new and find the in-product tutorials very good bit would like more detailed lessons.

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    The Sony Creative Software site has quite a few articles, free training videos and webinars, advanced and less advanced, in their support / training section. Check here
    Sony Creative Software - Training and Support
    Also some more basic videos on Vegas / VMStudio product sections there.

    Google search will of course give you lots of good (and not so good) tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere.
    One of the good tips / links sites is Cheema's Sony Vegas, Web Site
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    Has OP got VS v10, or 11?
    I find the "Show me How" tutorials are good, under help within the program itself.
    Work your way through them and you'll have a good grip on the software.
    When I started I wished Sony provided some HD video clips that I could "Edit" this ensures that you are learning the software and not trying to solve file-loading issues. It took me a few weeks to find the free music tracks, although I wasn't too impressed, most are somewhat beat-band.

    Then YouTube has tutorials, although of somewhat variable quality - you just have to find ones that suit your style and needs.

    If you bought the Production Suite package you should have a ~1hr DVD with many tutorials, although you need to have an understanding of where the features exist.

    The Sony creative site is useful, but curiously they mix up Vegas Studio and Vegaas Pro so it can be a bit confusing..... although many features are common, they keep saying.
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    I also offer one to one/many hands on training as well as well as phone support

    Thanks for the mention VKMAST

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