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    Okay, I just joined and I'm pumped to learn how to take my videos to the next level.

    My main issue is outdoor light. I was told for the best lighting, the subject (me) has to face the sun. Well, my blue eyes can't take it and I squint bigtime.

    So, I shot first thing in the morning when it was light out, but the video quality came out horrible. Very dull.

    Right Elbow In Golf Swing Key To Consistency - YouTube

    My son tried to tweak it in Sony Vegas HD 9.0, but he doesn't know enough. It came out okay, but needs to be much better.

    So what is my solution to shoot outdoors and not look directly into sun and squint?

    Secondly, our editing is not good, but we just can't figure out our Vegas software enough. I'd like to have better looking callouts, and be able to brand my videos better, so any help would be much, much appreciated.


    P.S. We have a Sony HDV HC1 HD camera.

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    Filming correctly, despite not knowing your edit suite inside out will always be superior to raking through the filters to brighten any video you produce. Why not have your back to the sun, but use a reflector? That way you can adjust the reflected light for the best. It needn't be an expensive reflector, though these are always superior, a large piece of white card can be angled to reflect onto critical framing of the shot.
    Where the heck are you seeing sunshine? The UK seems to have been smothered in grey cloud for the last month
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    Good advice from Zero. Not sure that would work when your in full golf club swing as You do need to be quite close with the reflector. What about a hat with a visor, that's what golfers wear isn't it. Check your exposure, if things look dull open the iris on the camera.

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