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    Alright I got a Sony cx160 it's worked great for me for shooting hd vids if I had more money I would have already bought a 3000 dollar camera lol but for now I gotta work with what I got...

    My question: is it possible to put a manual focus on it? (cx160)

    I have quite a few lenses for it (wide view, macro, and fisheye) but how do they classify thread sizes for attaching the lenses? Do I have to pay attention to mm size and will different brands fit?

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    What you have is a selection of adapters, not lenses. The camera has a fixed lens which you cannot remove. The adapters you have fit in front of the lens. There is nothing wrong with this but it's important to recognise the difference (of course the light is being refracted through twice as many lenses so it will possibly be of a lesser quality.

    The diameter you see for these adapters are (or should be) what is known as teh "filter" diameter. This is the diameter of the thread in front of your cameras lenst into which you can screw, you've guessed it, a filter, or indeed a lens adapter. On your camera it is 37mm. So Ideally you want a lens converter which fits a 37mm diameter.

    Note this is absolutely nothing to do with the lens diameter - where people talk about (typically) a 35mm lens being or a 30-100mm zoo lens.

    You can also get step-up and step-down adapters. For example, my own camera has a 43mm filter thread, but my filters are all 55mm. I use a 43-55 step up filter adapter so the two should work together.

    The actual thread itself is standard, so different makes are not an issue from this point of view.

    According to page 69 of your manual you can adjust focus manually - here's the manual if you don't have it.

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