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    password is: love
    the beginning i feel like its missing something. Also please ignore the squeeze. This is rough and trying to get an idea for the flow and see if theres any flaws with the flow.


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    I think it's a nice piece. It looks and sounds good to me. The only thing I noticed was the jump cut at 33 seconds, I'd put a cut away over it. I think it flows ok at the beginning, you don't want it to peak to early.

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    Seems good to me. I don't know the couple and inevitably lost interest in them after a while, but I suspect i would have done so however well edited. You had some great shots for the cutaways- like the sihouette in the barn entrance - but really you can't have enough of this sort of thing. If you're in a position of doing this again, I'd suggest getting them to have one or two changes of clothes and move to a few different locations (these can be different area sof teh same location, but if tehy're in different clothes it's a good cheat). It was a shame about the clouds occasionally casting a shadow on her face - I guess you didn't pick that up when filming. The only thing I might have doen was to show the video of the pan shot at the beach over the top of him describing it. As it is we get told the story, then have to watch it which spoiled it a bit for me.

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    Unfortunately my old P.C /internet connection?????? Was having big problems playing this video must be the size (ie) vimeo HD etc
    So I couldn't watch it as you intended but instead had to skip and watch parts as best as I could.

    From what I saw it looked very professional , well thought out and well made ..... I loved the barn opening scene very artistic ..... the quality looked fabulous from what I could see moving smoothly lol!!! My problem not yours.

    My critique is of no use to you as it is obvious you are way beyond my level (understatement) so I will leave that to those who are at that level and higher like Tim and MB.

    All I can say to you is I enjoyed it and though it was very very well done/professional.

    They must be made up with it .


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    It was well shot with a very good looking camera too. The shots using a steadycam? looked very very good. The framing of the female interview could maybe have been a little different - maybe from the other side of the screen with her looking less towards the camera? - this is a very minor point though and maybe its just a preference. Overall, a very professional effort that has been put together nicely!

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    who's the client? is it the couple?

    My overall feeling (and this is a bit harsh) was.. 'skip to the end...'
    it was lengthy and it was repeated shots of talking heads with dancing.
    The shots are good, the quality is good and the cuts look fine.
    I'd shorten it, add in more cutaways of varied places, give some visual references to what it is they are talking about (vegas... nightclub etc..)

    and in all honesty, I didn't watch it all. I made it to 2 minutes then skimmed through, so as a viewer- it was unsuccessful as I didn't engage with the story. Technically though it looked fine.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah its lengthy and I would skip myself if I came across it. The toughest part is when they go on and on and want all of it in and what is plea-sable for the general audience. In the end its what they want. I have to add another question in it because the bride wants it.

    I didn't shoot any of this, just editing footage I was given for my job. But ill take the credit haha.
    intel core2 i7 960
    16GB DDR3
    Radeon HD6850
    Audigy 2 Soundcard
    2 x 24 Inch wide screen LCD Monitor + 30 inch tv.
    TBs and TBs of Storage+ SSD

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