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Thread: Movie Making club in Manchester

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    I am a member of an award winning Video making club in Manchester. The club meets every Wednesday and offers
    a varied programme. Have you ever wondered how your film would look on a large screen in a 65 seater cinema ?
    or would you like to have a go at using a full size green screen with studio lighting for special effects. Have a look
    at our website or better still why not attend one of our meetings from 7:45pm onwards any Wednesday.

    See you there

    Altrincham Video Society

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    Hi Kevin, and welcome to the forum. One or two of us here are members of IAC clubs, but it seems many are dwindling (see the post in this section about Boehamwood).
    I'm chairman of Staines Video Makers and I'd be happy to share ideas - especially about how better to server the movie making community to attract more members - and maybe a showreel or two.

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    Sounds like a great org.

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