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    Default Locked - Short Film Release

    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to share my latest film - Locked.
    It's our entry to another 48 hour festival.
    Main notes, it was really interesting to do this style. I may want to revisit it soon.
    The hardest part was to do good/bad sound. Bad sound, which is expected from old style flicks, but with a modern twist to it.

    Locked (2012) - A Short Film [ By F.C.Rabbath ] - YouTube
    8 Minutes.

    Main Channel - fcrabbath - YouTube

    Also - our feature film will be released on amazon soon!

    Hope you enjoy!
    - FC

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    Good job Fred, I'm not sure I liked the narration, I don't think it was needed. I thought the story was told well enough without it.

    Great job with the little kids eyes at the end.

    Well done.

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    I thought this was very well made ....great footage ,camera angles and editing make it a pleasure to watch !!
    I am afraid I agree with MB about narration in my opinion it ruins it (ie) the video is really good without it .... cheapens it in my opinion.
    Love your choice to shoot in B&W .... works really well.

    All in all an enjoyable well made sub 10 minute video.

    Well done.

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    Hey guys thanks for watching.
    Though I agree that narration is something to be avoided, I thought it helped the 1950s education video style I was going for.
    thanks for watching!

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    While I understand the style you were going for, I don't think it works but if you're happy with it then fine.

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    nice film!!

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    thanks for watching!

    MDB - Oh I see what your saying. I suppose it was hard to make any narration work on the video but like i said it was needed for that feel. thanks for commenting! Really appreciate it.

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    Really like the video as I said previously ....................

    But definitely agree about the narration ...........

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