To Whom It May Concern,

Fox Render Farm is one of the leading online render farm service provider. Based on cloud-computing technology, we currently have over 500 servers allowing us to provide you with a professional 24/7 rendering service. Our services can be accessed globally by our customers through any internet service. In 2011, one of our clients, Digital Frontier from Japan rendered one of their CG films in our render farm——Tekken: Blood Vengeance. With quality performance and competitive prices, our services have already been approved by thousands of CG production companies. Below you can find some useful information, and also please find the attachment for more specifics:

10 cool features about us:

1. Submit files online with ease and real-time preview
2. Intelligent recognition of the version and renderer of scene file
3. Automatic detection of any missing textures and cache files
4. The cache files' paths will be reset automatically
5. The scene files' settings will be analysed automatically
6. 24/7 service provided
7. Real-time notifications of rendering tasks via email or SMS
8. The render time and charges will be calculated automatically
9. Automatically load plug-ins according to the scene files needs
10. Render result can be downloaded automatically

Welcome to visit our official website: Fox Render Farm, cloud render service

Greetings from Fox Render Farm!