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Thread: Best DSLR lens for video?

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    Ive been looking into vintage lenses for my canon T3I and Im curious which lenses would be the best for videography if you have any suggestions i would love to know and wheres the best place to buy them

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    Answer about 100 questions and we may find an answer for you :P can you elaborate on what kind of video? Distance from camera? all the details and requirements you have in mind?

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    I do alot of dance video but i like to get into music videos and other events im looking for close up and zoom lenses i suppose a list of top 5 or 10 would help alot and i like lenses that have aperature rings

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    There isn't one single lens I'd recommend, but rather a set of lenses which would cover a variety of scenarios.

    In my kit bag at the moment, I have a tokina 11-16, which I use as my wide angle lens. This would be used for wide shots where you're setting the scene. Next up is a prime 50mm.this gives a fixed focal length (no zoom here), so you'll be moving around a lot to get the composition you want. Great fir portraits, hard wirk fir live action. Finally, I have a telephoto zoom which gives me greater flexibility, particularly when filming wildlife.

    None of those really fit the bill for your needs.i suggest a zoom lens which covers the range of a kit lens. Do that would be from around 30 to70mm. Ow you have your preferred range, you need to get all canon fit lenses compared in your priced range. The best glass will be twice the price if your camera, the next best half.

    And that's just my opinion.decude what types of shot you want, consider whether you'll be using a you'd lighting set up, define your budget, and then choose the lens.
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    Thank you i appreciate the help ive currently got a 50mm prime lens so i may give that a try when recording

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    Canon EF lenses are really quite good,

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