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    I working in a car dealership and we have started putting videos on our site and YouTube of the vehicles we have in stock.

    I would like some advice on the best package to buy to do automated tasks

    I would like to do a batch process for:

    Removing the sound and adding music.
    Have an intro and outro image with a transition
    Add an overlay/watermark every 20seconds
    Export it to .f4v

    We currently do it on window movie maker (I am a video noob) but it takes ages to setup each time even though we template some of it and we do up to 20 cars a day.

    I have an example:
    pe09tyd - YouTube

    It would also be good if it:
    Upload to YouTube
    If we could display the content of a text file dynamically like in Photoshop.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not aware of batch processing in any video suites, though keeping the intro/outro, muting the ambient and adding another video clip and music track and watermark should be quickish even in moviemaker. It'll never be photoshop with actions and batch processing.
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    Most packages will do what your asking. Sony Vegas seems to be the favorite around the forum so I will leave the members here to comment on it. You could create the Intro and outro image say with a car in the background and the Dealer details overlaid to use over and over, just inserting the new footage in between. You can mute the unwanted sound and add the music track. Most current Video editors allow you to upload to Youtube from the Software.

    The video of the car needs to be more of still camera like shots, There is way to much panning and zooming in your Video. And about 30 seconds long for Youtube.

    Hope this helps

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    Some examples of where batch processing may be used:
    a) Adobe's 'After Effects' has a scripting language.
    b) AFAIK, the top version(s) of Vegas have a scripting language.
    c) FFMPEG (FFmpeg) is a command line app.

    Annoyingly, none of the above may not be as easily configurable as the OP might want. And none of may perform 100% of the requirements. If it were me, I would also specify:
    a) a single place to input/list/store all the data needed for the complete process. (I would use a database; but it could equally all be stored in text files).
    b) a single action to take which will perform a complete job, and store a record of the results.
    c) to be able to start a new conversion, without having to wait for the last one to end (e.g. not having to wait till the previous upload had completed).

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