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    Default play video out to tape help!

    I need to print out a project to tape.
    I have my fcp project set up, sony z5 firewired in but no picture coming through to the tape when I set it up to go.
    Not done this before and not even sure if I should have the camera set to vcr or camera mode. When I've played out in VCR mode a little recording button has shown on the screen but it just records blackness.

    My project was proress 422, ive changed sequence settings and audio visual settings to hdv 1080p25 to match the camera and rendered it all. no luck there either.

    Has anyone here played out to video much? Could really do with a little step by step guide if possible :/

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    awww shucks, I can't be the only one to have ever tried this :(

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    The only time I've done it (with a Canon XH A1) my notes say I had the camcorder on VCR remote mode but I remember i had to start the camera recording manually. Also I note that I had to have the camcorder set to "video in" in the menu. It's a couple of years ago so I can't help you any more than that.

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    thanks Rob, I'm still struggling with this, I'll have a go at these nifty little tips tonight! Every little helps, innit!

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    I've never done this on a Mac and it was years ago when I did it. BUT if it helps I had to do it via the RGB in puts on my old Panny.

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