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    Thanks guys for your previous advice and comments, I do take notice.
    Yesterday I filmed my latest attempt, it was actually very windy in the afternoon!
    I did use my sennheiser 300 with a dead cat, but I am still left feeling dissappointed with the sound that was acheived.
    I also tried not to be zooming in and out etc and I didn't use any music this time either.
    Comments pls... I won't be offended I want to learn so pls comment guys

    Fishing for Smoothounds aboard WIGHT HUNTRESS, Portsmouth, UK - YouTube

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    You are using the camera on authomatic?
    There are a few over-exposed and blured shots.

    If you have the chance to make the postproduction, you always
    should have the manual control of the shot, and then, fix the
    issues of colors, saturation, contrast, etc.

    If you have an over-exposed shot, you never won´t fix it on postpro.

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    In what way were you disappointed in the sound? It sounded to me like the mic was mounted on the camera, so it is going to pick up whatever it's pointing at.
    This will not work well if you have a group of people. Those in front and close will always be much louder than those to the side. If you want to pick up one guy talking, you really need to get the mic close - especially in such a hostile audio environment. I thought the wind noise wasn't too bad. A zeppelin would be even better than a dead cat, but they're much more expensive and still not perfect.
    I thought the really good audio was where you were pointing down into the water and capturing the fish being pulled out - the splashing and the lapping of the wind against the boat were very atmospheric. Als, teh mic seemed better sheilded from the wind.

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    I wouldn't be disappointed with the sound. It's everything I would expect to hear and very clear too. A little wind, water splashes and a few comments. There's certainly no howling wind noise which is what you'd have with your stock cam mic. If you're getting real fussy about the sound, then try a boom pole, or better still a little background splashing and a voice over explaining what's happening and why, would make this an enticing video for recruiting future boat fishermen. Well done.
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    Hi glen I see you have been taking notice of what has been said to you in previous posts so well done for that. I think Zero has hinted to the problem with this video in that it needs a bit of coherence to what is going on. Yes the sound could have been better if you had a separate sound man with the mic on a boom pole getting nearer to the subject. Yes the shots could have been steadier etc but thats not really the issue with this video. It lacks a degree of coherence in that we don't know where you are (I don't just mean on a boat) Where is the boat. What is the shark looking fish you are catching, is it a nice one, big one, young one. Do you have to use a particular bait to catch them or a particular technique. Who are the people, are they experienced. All this info done with a voice over would bring the elements of the video together.

    This would also help to discipline you to think about the shots you are including when you put the video together.

    Hope this helps.

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