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Thread: I have a simple problem but I'm too simple minded to solve it!

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    Default I have a simple problem but I'm too simple minded to solve it!

    Hello all!

    I have an audio file that I want to upload to some friends on youtube. I want to add pictures to it also, as this will make it a little more interesting than just the audio. Is there a way to turn an audio file and collection of of still images into a video?

    The timing is also quite important. So for instance when I say a word (in the audio file) I need an image to replace the previous image at that specific time. If the timing is off by a second or even half a second it just wont be as effective.

    And then I need to be able to upload the finished product to youtube, but I should be able to manage that.

    I have camtasia, but there has to be a better way than recording my desktop and just clicking 'next' in a photoviewer when I want the next photo to come up.

    I also have powerdirector, I'm just not that familiar with it and dont know if it can do the above.

    I'm hoping that its quite simple there is an easy/free way to do it?



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    Windows has moviemaker as standard That's the way to do it!!
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    Have you thought of Vegas Studio?
    - It's sold for vids, but started life as an Audio Editor, so you get 10 Audio tracks to play with (but fewer is easier to follow!). Then you can import Stills like .jpeg .png (which have a degree of transparancy) and you can transition between them, simple fade is auto or about 50 fancy types and you can adjust how they work or leave it "as-is."
    + Another effect made famous by Ken Burnes (VS=Pan/Crop) where the viewer is shown parts of the frame, so they appear to be movies. yr Slide-changes should be frame-accurate ( 1/24 sec.).
    Audio levels are easy too and you can add titles, sound FX (eg as the slide changes) either from your own recorded source, CD or internet.
    Vegas Studio Production Suite v11 includes Sound Forge ( a dedicated Audio editor, which can do some things VS doesn't - + I use it to adjust volume, add FX and trim length - save as ,WAV is easy. VSPS v11 is 34 Amazon - and comes with DVD tutorial for movie-making . . . .
    I understand that if you have a valid YouTube a/c then VS will upload as a simple Export.

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