I have just purchased Premiere Elements, and have had terrific problems with installation, and now it is installed it won't run. I previously had tried a limited time demo, with no probs (although it wouldn't uninstall and to therefore to install my full copy had to do a system restore)

After two tries I was able to get my full edition on, although I had to refer to the Adobe website and look at document 330722. The only way I could install was using Adobe's last suggestion, installation via my desktop.

Now as the splash screen opens I get the following message:-

Failed to initialize VBox? (0010-0069-0090)

I close that message, but as the splash screen completes loading, I get this further message:-

Adobe Premiere Elements could not find any video play module, Please reinstall Adobe Premier Elements and start again'

I uninstalled once, and reinstalled, but with no difference.

I also have Pinnacle 9 on my machine, and wonder whether that is causing a conflict anywhere? I also have the basic Windows Movie Maker which comes automatically with Windows, and a movie program as part of a Roxio suite I use for DVD/CD burning etc. I had no problems with these programs and the demo of Premiere Elements, nor any problems between the 3 programs themselves.

I have emailed Adobe technical support asking for assistance, but as yet haven't even received an acknowledgement. Does anyone here have any ideas/suggestions/proposals for a solution. If so, I should be very grateful to know.

Incidentally, I am running Windows XP with SP2, 200gb hard drive and 1024mbRAM.

Thanks very much.

Cliff :