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    I'm currently working with a crew in production to make a new 'TV show' (for the internet) that I'm sure will help you guys.. I can't really give too many details away at the moment (under strict secrecy for now), but if you like the facebook page we can keep you updated behind the scenes of this thing taking off... And when it's finally filmed I hope you'll find it as helpful as it aims to be.

    Facebook page: IndieCan | Facebook
    Twitter: @indiecanshow

    If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to message me ... The more likes and followers we get the more info we'll be giving out!

    Looking forward to your likes and follows

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    No content = no like from me.

    If you deliver something that I like/find useful you can expect a like, but I don't think you'll get much of a following when even the idea is not available.

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    Thank you for showing an interest in this post so quickly I thought it might be worth giving everyone the option to watch the programme grow as well as when it's in full swing.

    I'll be posting again when everythings in full swing, hopefully you'll find it as helpful as it aims to be!!


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    Did you really mean to write "I can assure you it'll be something you'll want to follow"? Do you know who I am?

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    Apologies, this may have come across as a little more assuming than I had originally intended... I've now amended the post, it was purely out of confidence for the project that I had used this phrase. No offence intended!!

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    Many thanks. I have made a date to look again in 2 months time. Best wishes and good luck.

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