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    Hi There,
    At the present time I am running 2 Sony pd170s and a Sony 2100e. I use all 3 cameras to film weddings and dance school productions. I love the fact that these cameras have excellent lo light capabilities, especially when filmimg dance school shows that use black- light fx and low key lighting. I have no problem seeing the dancers or actors at all under these lighting conditions. The cameras run at 4:3 format (have experimented with widescreen with these and the quality drop is useless) and was thinking that perhaps I should think about going to widescreen and HD.
    My question is, which cameras would give me the same low light quality I am used to. Preferably Sony and not full professional broadcast cameras? I can't seem to get low light comparison info on the Sony FX1 (for eg) or cameras similar. Any ideas? Cheers..

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    I used to edit concert event footage from a Sony FX7. It was super grainy, not just the blacks but everything under the low light.
    We have Panasonic HMC150's now. They really good in low light. Very little grain at 12db gain.

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