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    Default Borehamwood Movie Makers SOS

    I've been contacted by Ben Simon, Chariman of Borehamwood Movie Makers, to say that it look like the demise of the club is imminent unless they can generate some interest and some new members pretty quick.

    With his permission, I have copied his email below, but the gist is if you live in the Borehamwood area and are interested in making movies, get yourself over there and see if it might appeal.

    Hello there!

    I am writing to you with some unfortunate news in that, after many years of producing our own Club films and supporting our Members’ many other productions, it looks like the Borehamwood MovieMakers (previously also known as the ‘Camcorder Club’) will be winding down its activities towards the end of this year.

    Some of you may remember me as Chairman of the Club throughout most of the 1990s, back when Borehamwood MovieMakers was a thriving club that was still shooting on good old film as well as the then-new video formats. I have remained in touch with the Club over the years, and joined again recently when I heard membership and film production was in danger of reaching an all-time low.

    In a last-ditch effort to try and raise our dwindling numbers, we reasoned it might not be such a bad idea to reach out to other almost-local Clubs as well as those farther afield, perhaps in the hope of offering an extra night’s fix of our favourite interest or for those who might be moving from one area into ours and looking for somewhere to continue their filmmaking exploits!

    The radically reduced Borehamwood MovieMakers meets currently just once a month on every second Monday (excluding Bank Holidays, in which case we meet the following week – our Programme link below gives more info). We do have a small core group of people who continue to produce films…but we need more! Sadly this does seem to be the case with many other Clubs I have been in touch with lately, but as some others have said, too, perhaps the answer might be some cross pollination?

    If we can’t raise our numbers sufficiently by the end of the summer (and, my, how we have tried!), it does look like this particular bunch of MovieMakers will be no more. If that is the case, we intend to go out with a bang with our hosting of this year’s Hertfordshire inter-club HACCA competition, to be confirmed for November and to which we hope to invite many friends that have supported the Borehamwood Club over the years.

    I do hope to soon be able to say that we’ll keep trundling on for at least a few more years – perhaps you could pass this message around your own Club Members in case it may be of interest and help make that become a reality?

    Many thanks, and all the best with your own productions. Happy filmmaking!

    Ben Simon,
    Chairman, Borehamwood MovieMakers

    Borehamwood Moviemakers - Forthcoming Events

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    Such a shame if this happens.

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    I hope they don't go under Tim ......Ben comes across very well in his email and sounds like a great guy

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