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Thread: Coming Soon......

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    Default Coming Soon......

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    Please tell .... I can't bare it

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    I couldn't possibly spoil the surprise Bob.

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    God damn It MB long till we know more

    By the way I am off today ... back went taking down my studio from (weekend shoot) twisted it ! what a dumb ass.

    Still it gives me time to go through my footage and sort it .......hurray!!! .......bring on the ice packs !!!!!!!!!

    P.s - Please give hint

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    Hope your back gets better soon. I'm glad to hear you've been in the studio filming, was this a performance or more testing or both ?

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    Thanks MB

    ALL MY LIGHT TESTS ARE DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL MY AUDIO TESTS ARE DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so close now ......yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will post quick final light test (new PAR 80watt blue uplights ..... so much better !!! it was fate MB that my old bulbs went obsolete!!!

    Then next week end I will be shooting my very last test video !!!!! no more testing its time to get doing !!!

    I will shoot chosen light choice with audio and movement plus I will end with a comparison of before and after joining DD!!!!!!

    I am so excited not even my back can get me down !!!!

    2 weeks from now I will have years of fun ahead of me shooting my footage in my own studio !!!! all my bulbs are stock pilled and tapes too ...nothing can stop me now apart from an earth quake or house fire.


    As you can tell I am quite excited here MB

    3-4 months (ie) 12-16 weekends and not only will I have enough of my stuff to launch my site but it will give me time to save up from extra gardening work to afford my budget wordpress site to allow me to achieve my goal.

    Its all planned MB !!!!!!!!Life is good .... This forum and you guys have helped me realise a life long goal !!!!!

    Thank you

    Anyway enough about me and my dumb ass project what is this teaser trailer for ??????
    PM me if you can't divulge I promise I will keep it secret .......cats honour

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    I'm pleased that your pleased. I look forward to seeing the final results. You've come a long way since February.

    PM me if you can't divulge I promise I will keep it secret .......cats honour
    It wouldn't be a teaser trailer if I took out the tease, would it.

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    Thanks MB..... I forgive you for not telling me .........just tell me how long I will have to wait

    Its great being off work

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    It says in the trailer. I'll post more info soon.

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