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    ive been trying to figure a way to create a high quality dvd in windows movie maker. cant see an obvious way to do it.

    Anyone using WMM ? its the lates version.... 6? on windows 7.


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    On the version I have there is a section called share. It has a picture of a DVD when you click on it it renders the movie as a .wmv then takes you through the DVD burning process.

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    yeah but only WMV format as far as i can see.

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    I just assumed during the burning stage it converted it to mpeg2 so the DVD can be played on any normal player. If not then it's even more useless than I thought.

    Why are you playing around with Move Maker ?

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    Just to be picky. . . . Win7 download should be "Windows Live Movie Maker" for HD editing.

    However the severe limitations on Audio/Video track numbers maeans it can be a hard graft.
    I used it once and then bought Vegas Studio v10. (v11 now 24), which has no practical limitation (10V + 10A)

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    I believe:
    1) in the 'Lite' version, there is an option to save for DVD. Although it's output is a WMV, those files appear to be large; suggesting that they may not be compressed excessively.(maybe!)
    2) the older 'Movie Maker" (v6), is available to download, and can run on W7. In the 'save movie' section; there is an option to save as "DV-AVI (PAL)", which claims to create a an "Audio-Video Interweaved AVI" file, bit rate=30Mbps, size=720*576, Aspect Ratio= 4:3, FPS=25.

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    Ok turns out its windows movie maker live 6.2 !?!? Anyways, the info is for my bro. Its Like no other editing program I ever used it doesnt even have a time line ! At least with earlier versions of wmm you had a time line. I installed premiere elements but for a total newbie it's a bit much. I showed him the basics and found a couple of YouTube tuts for him to browse at his leisure.

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    I use WMM 2.1 service pack 3 as it was one of the best versions (functionality) and a lot of people think it is better than the newer versions (live) etc.
    I capture footage as DV-AVI (PAL) and export at DV-AVI (PAL) too so minimal compression compared to exporting as compressed wmv .
    All other export options are various wmv compressed files.

    I have tried every one and uploaded to you tube to see the difference first hand in quality .
    Even though the files are big I upload DV-AVI (PAL) 2 gig for 10 minute footage as this gives the best quality from my own experimentation compared to specific compressed wmv for you tube export setting ( Windows Movie Maker)

    Really sorry but version 2.1 doesn't allow you to burn to DVD direct I just burn the DV-AVI (PAL) file to my p.c then if I want to burn to DVD using NERO etc one dvd holds 10 minutes of great quality footage.

    External HD and DVD's are very cheap now so I don't mind as I am getting the best quality I can using my old P.C with WMM 2.1.

    Hope this helps you out pal

    P.s - Some of the more experienced guys might very well tell me I am barking mad and I will have to take it on the chin as always my mind is open to better ways

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    Ok cheers bob, it must have been version 2 that I remember using (with time line) apparently there is a way of using that with windows 7 but it's a bit of a mither. I told him to stick with prem elements the learning curve is worth it in the end. .... We'll see.

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    Yes I appreciate WMM is very limited Enc...... Prem elements I am sure wipes the floor with it .

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