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    This last link i posted no longer works, see my message below

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    I think I prefer the original video for this song. One problem I have with this video is that it's trying to be two different things at the same time but doesn't manage to be either. It's not really a music video and it's not really a documentary/information video so it kind of misses the mark.

    I like that you are thinking outside the box with your video work and think if you keep on this path you will come up with some good ideas.

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    Can the still images, spend a couple of Saturday nights on the streets with a camera getting the real stuffs.
    The singer - film the song being mimed more than once with different angles, close ups, mids, wide, profile, break it up so it doesn't keep going back to the same shot. Using different angles and shot types will enable you to make more of his dancing, at the moment it looks a bit awkward even though he looks comfortable in front of a camera.

    If the singer (he) is you, you can still move the camera and shot sizes, don't feel limited to one thing if your doing this alone.

    If its strong enough and has enough impact as a music video it will naturally address the issue but all of that depends on the visuals of the drunk scenes in town and I don't think photos in a video work.

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    yeh its me that singing, hard to get different angles when you only have one camerman (i.e me) brother died last week because of alcohol, its worse than heroin, and if you dont believe that, just ask the guy that labour sacked for saying exactly that

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    i did a new version, put alot more time into the edit to get my message across

    anyway its here

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    I think this works better as a "message Video" BUT to be honest that's not really important.

    I am very sorry to hear about your Brother. I know what you are going through, the mixed emotions along with the feeling of guilt that you should have but couldn't do anything to help him. Looking for an outlet to express how you feel is a healthy thing to do and I hope you come through this grieving period a stronger person. Alcohol abuse is a horrible thing to live with for both those who have the problem and for those around that person with the problem.

    Good luck to you.

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