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Thread: The Only Way is Garioch : Episode 3

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    Hi folks!

    Please watch the latest instalment of our YouTube comedy series 'The Only Way is Garioch.'

    We feel this is a step up in quality so please comment and all constructive criticism is welcome

    The Only Way is Garioch : Episode 3 - How I Met Your Reel Moon - YouTube

    Thanks again

    Reel Moon Productions

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    Well done guys this was a very ambitious effort. Haven't you been told never to work with children and psychos. Once I got into the story I did find myself wanting to know what happens next so that's a big plus point. Some funny ideas and lines and some of it acted well but that side was a bit hot & cold. One of the main technical errors was the colour balancing for the interior shots at the beginning. example the shot of swearing at the kids was obviously shot when the kids weren't there but you didn't match the white balance with the previous shot, that was just one example of many.

    The continuity (both with sound and image) was a problem for a lot of the beginning part of the piece and this nearly made me switch off but I wanted to push through and I'm glad I did as you have some very funny ideas but not always the skill or experience to execute them as well as they could be done. Example the fight scene was a very good idea which would have been loads funnier if you upped the pace of the action. I liked all the elements which you had but and I think they should all stay, you just need to shorten each element. This occurred a number of times throughout the piece.

    On the whole I found it an ambitious entertaining piece.

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    Thank you both for viewing and for the constructive criticism. We will take all of your feedback on board and endeavour to improve in the future

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