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Thread: Royalty Free Music for Movie & Video Makers

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    Default Royalty Free Music for Movie & Video Makers

    Hi there,

    I follow this invitation to pimp a link and hope that this is okay for the community. If it's not okay and anyone is annoyed by this thread, please let a moderator delete it. Thanks for reading in advance!!

    About my site:
    I read a lot of threads here and found out that useful royalty free music for videos is difficult to find. Therefore I'd like to introduce my site to you where I present my latest tracks, songs, jingles, loops and the like. They are made for one reason:
    To transport the message of good videos.
    From time to time I will give away free music downloads and I would be happy to hear you feedback.

    My Homepage can be found on:
    Download Stock Music for Film & Movie Makers | Soundeffects | Production Music | Jingles & Loops

    Besides the stock music you find on my site, I am open to compose individual tracks for your needs. Also I'd like to cooperate with you guys! I am always looking for great videos which improve my music on my YouTube channel. Of course I will link to your site and I am open to any marketing ideas between MUSIC/VIDEO. Let me know about your ideas.

    Thanks a lot for you attention and cheers from windy northern Germany!

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    Hello, i like your webpage, well done...I like the design, very modern.

    Take a look at i will be happy with your feedback !

    Manuel O.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fromsoul View Post
    Hello, i like your webpage, well done...I like the design, very modern.
    Thanks, Manuel!!!

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    Smile Royalty Free music For You /Modern Electronic, Chill-Out, And More!/

    Hi i'm a composer and writing royalty free music, i have some cool driving electronic tracks, also beatiful chill-out and downtempo music.
    If you interested, welcome to my portfolio on Pond5 :

    My portfolio

    And check out my latest tunes:

    "Falling Leaves" (Beautiful Chill-Out)

    Cool Driving Breakbeat

    "Infinite Light" (Cool Uplifting Trance)

    "Flow Of Life" - Chilled Track With Guitar and Piano

    "Sensation Of Spring" - Antother Beautiful Chilled Track

    Also have some nice sound effects.

    Thank you =)

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