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    Hey guys,

    I am editing video from a dash cam fitted to my car.

    I was recently involved in an accident which was a hit and run, and I have footage of the car, and the registration plate is only just about readable.

    Are there any effects I can try adding to the video to make it more easily readable, to make sure that I can correctly identify the car?

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    It depends what the problem with the footage is. Can you provide a link so we can assess it.

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    The exact footage is still on the camera, but the above footage is from exactly the same place, and exactly the same weather. There are two cars around the middle of the clip, I would ideally want to adjust both cars to see their reg plates better.

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    To me it looks like the first car is SB04 KXT blue Ford and the second car is FP53 MFU silver VW.

    Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    To me it looks like the first car is SB04 KXT blue Ford and the second car is FP53 MFU silver VW.

    Hope that helps.
    See, they look different to me. It looks like MP53 MPO for the silver VW, and SB04 KXY for the first car.

    Are there any effects I can use in premiere pro to clear it up a bit?

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    I've rechecked it and then checked it with DVLA HERE PF53 MPO The first one we agree is correct.

    I don't Adobe so I can't tell you what to do with that. In my program I zoomed in, added some contrast, and then Unsharp mask. Make sure your project properties are set to 30fps.

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    Cheers, any other suggestions for effects?

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