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Thread: Dingytal - The Poison

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    Default Dingytal - The Poison

    The Poison - Short Film - YouTube

    This is our first video,
    we have one more, and in the next week we'll upload a new one.

    this is our second video:

    [2nd Video removed - one video per thread please - see the sticky "The Rules" at the top of this section]
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    Not bad at all. I like the way you've noted how other films are shot and tried to mimick them. Great opening shot which immediately interests the viewer. The music was perhaps rather over the top, but I guess you're in an area where Bolywood is king and so that would be considered the norm. Nevertheless I like the way you've developed an atmosphere with the music.
    The shots were well cut together with a good variety - though I wasn't really ure about the lengthy shot as he brings the tray from one room to another. his may have been designed to build suspense, but i found it ather too wobbly and was constantly distracted by the top of his head being cut off.
    I liked the way you portrayed the poison taking effect and I liked the fact that you had a bit of a plot going.
    However, the exterior sound was disappointing (when the two chat briefly)

    You need to work on your script - whilst there was a plot, the poisoner had no motivation for his action and the viewer is left not knowing whether he should be siiding with the poisoner or the poisoned.

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    I looks ok but the audio is not very well recorded. If you continue to make videos think about how you can get better sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I looks ok but the audio is not very well recorded. If you continue to make videos think about how you can get better sound.
    We baught a new microphone so the sound will be better in the next video, thanks for commenting!

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    More comments please?

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    Liked the footage of walking from kitchen to living room very smooth.
    liked all the different camera angles which kept interest (admitted only a few minutes long.)
    Agree sound wasn't the best quality but good choice of background music to add trension .
    loved the blurring use for poison taking affect and going to white for fainting ......looked very good.

    I enjoyed this short video ...great job guys ... looking forward to seeing your next one with better quality mic .....

    What mic have you bought out of interest???


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