I cant understand why my Sony Vegas Pro 9/10/11 unsyncs my video when importing. Original video is from my phone and when im watching it with Classic media player the audio is correct/in sync**, but when i import and drag the clip to the timeline it is not.
**wathced from phone or computer with i.e. classic media player last frame freezes until the audio stops, in vegas pro the video stops before audio like it should, because my phone keeps recording audio longer than video, but why isnt my videos in sync?

Bunch of more and less useful information:

My phone: Samsung Galaxy S 2

Sony Vegas Pro 10.0c

Format - .mp4
Resolution - 1920x1080
Data rate - 13529kbps
Total bitrate - 13657kbps
Frame rate - 23 frames/second

Bit rate - 127kbps
Channels - Stereo
Audio sample rate - 48kHz

Sound card:
- Line6 Studio UX2
- 44100Hz (cant be changed)
- 16bit

Any help is appreciated!