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    Hey all. I used to edit a ton of video a few years back (MiniDV) and haven't done much in a while. Back then when I went to upgrade to a new camera I got a Canon Vixia HF21 (AVCHD). I remember that no matter what I did whether importing the files from the camera or converting them into standard definition formats, editing the footage was unbearably slow and choppy ... I still have the camera and was hoping to still use it for video editing since it still works just fine. I guess my question is now that a few years have gone by, will a new computer be able to edit video from this camera the way my old computer had no problems with MiniDV? Also, back then I used Adobe Premiere Elements 8. Is current day software more efficient and if so what are some programs similar or better than what I had to consider? I don't want to invest in any more software if I'm going to have the same issues I did before so if anyone can help me figure out a solution I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys.

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    I think the answer is yes. So long as you get a good powerful quad core computer with a CUDA graphics card. You will find thing have moved on. While the software has moved forward as well, I'm not sure it's made things any easier, however having said that the latest Sony Vegas versions and the Premiere Element take advantage of CUDA graphics cards which I'm told can help, if the graphics card can take some of the strain. I don't have one so I don't know how much better it is with one.

    The main difference with Adobe and Sony is with Premiere you pre-render the clips on the time line to keep it running smoother and with Vegas you can just reduce the preview quality either way I think they are good for the price you pay for them.

    Take a look at the Hardware section of the forum for ideas about PC spec.

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