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    I do alot of hip hop dance videos, I would appreciate tips on ways i could improve my work so your opinion would be greatly appreciated, here is the link to one of my videos and please feel free to look at any of the other videos also
    Inspired Momentum - YouTube

    I look forward to hearing from you

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    Well I don't know where you want to go with your work. If you and your buddy just want to have fun doing what you're doing then just carry on doing what your doing as you look as though you're having a good time. BUT If you really want to make better dance videos you need to up your game. Dance like any other art form can be about telling a story and I think that is the direction you would be best going in. If you want to have great looking videos you will need to improve your camera work which means doing some study and lot's of practise. Learn about the "rule of thirds". Long shots, mid shots, close ups and how to mix them together. Take a look at some good dance videos and notice where the camera is situated and how it is framed.

    Like I said it all depends on what direction you want to take. Over to you.

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    Ya i havent considered telling a story with these videos yet but now that you say that it gives me some ideas, Im going to look into making some choreo that tells a story to the beat instead of just freestyles, doing this would let me control what im doing with the camera more at the same time as I would know what is going to happen instead of just anticipating it, Thank you for the advice it helped alot and i hope to hear more from you

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