I'm doing some self-therapy sessions which often include body movements and different random sounds.
I would like to record some of the sessions and looking for a suitable camcorder

- No high quality is desired at all. Just to see something plausible, and hear the sound with some plausible quality. Basically it just needs not to be awful. I am looking for it to be very cheap, as it's only purpose is to record some sessions
- I'll probably mount on a wall or something, and will stay in the stable position all the time, needing to cover a 2 meter X 3 meter area. That's it
- There is one challenge though, that I'm afraid may prevent me from buying a 30$ toy (which otherwise would be perfect)': the lights will be very low. It'll be a half-dark room with only a night lite operating. Not completely dark but very low lights

I would buy this Coby Electronics CAM3002BLK with 4 x Optical Zoom 1.8-Inch LCD Screen (Black): Amazon.ca: Electronics if not the darkness constraint

Can you recommend a suitable model?

Also any ideas and comments are welcome

Thank you