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Thread: I aim to inspire!

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    Check out my Youtube channel a few cool dance videos and alot more to come, Id love tips on how to improve my videos and make them better so let me know what you think

    Link:inspiredcinematics - YouTube

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    To get comments on your videos you have to post ONE in the user video section. I would advise you to read the rules before posting.

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    The shot of the band clearly not playing the music that we hear just looks so wrong.
    Given that there is clearly no attempt to sync this up, am I expected to believe that the adnce moves are actually synced to the music we hear? It's such bizarre dancing that it's impossible to tell whether there is any skill going on at all. Perhaps if you did something syncronised together I'd be convinced. However, it looks like you'r enjoying youself so that's the main thing.
    Broadly I thought the shots had some nice colour/grading but the composition left something to be desired. Too many chopped off heads for example.

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    Some of the dance videos i have matched moves to beats because of the lack of proper audio but this is not the case for all the video however I appreciate the tips thanks for taking time to look at my work

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