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    Hello everyone!
    My name is Kathleen Erdelyi and I'm a current student at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. I'm currently in my junior year and I'm pursuing a major in Media Communication Technology with a concentration in video production. After graduation, i plan to get a job with a documentary company. I love telling a story, and I would love to be apart of something that could change someone's life. I have so many questions to people who are currently involved in documentaries, and I was wondering if anyone would like to answer a few questions for me. It would really help provide some insight for me into this career.
    Thank you!
    How did you work your way up to your position?
    Did you have to endure a lot of "slave labor" to get to where you are today?
    Do you feel your schooling providing you with a sufficient background in your field, or did you learn more through experience?
    How reliable is this field?
    Is there room for growth?
    How do you feel is the best way to effectively intern?
    How would you compare working for a small company vs a large corporation?
    Is your job exciting?
    Do you look forward to going to work every morning?
    Do you work in a team, or are you mostly isolated?
    How did you get involved in this field

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    Sounds like your writing an essay on this Is my assumption correct?

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    No, actually!

    I have a professional development class at the moment and the professor suggested we interview a couple of people in the field to gain knowledge. I thought this would be helpful, so I came up with a couple of questions that I'd like to know

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