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    Hello guys,

    I'm new here and i want to share with you my work.

    I have created a software that does spatial-temporal transformations of a footage.

    What is a spatial-temporal transformation?
    A spatial-temporal transformation is the process of mapping space and time of a captured moment.

    Here is a demo: Spatial-Temporal Transformation (with software - Shifty) - YouTube

    If you want to try the software here is the download link: Shifty.rar

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    To me, the 'effect' resembled how a clip would look if you watched it's reflection in a series of convex and concave mirrors. Sadly, the demo shows a final image that is badly degraded and contains lots of strange black upright lines. When would such a transformation might be of any use? I look forward to reading about future releases because I believe the current version looks a bit odd.

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    An interesting effect but because of the gaps Black vertical lines) it didn't quite work. I'm not sure how or when it could be used but I admire your effort and think it has some potential.

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