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Thread: Horizontal ray effect identity?

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    Default Horizontal ray effect identity?

    Alright been recording drum videos for a long time but just got into effects and I'm wondering what RJ used for the horizontal rays coming off the flood lights and other bright reflections?

    horizontal ray image.jpg

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    This could be an actual lens flare from the camera and not an effect. You may be able to duplicate it with a Rays or star burst effect.

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    Thanks, yeah although the rays are unidirectional the starburst effect could be switched to two points which was what I needed. The only problem I had was there wasn't an option for a color range to utilize for the effect. The only solution that I found was to chroma key the reds and blues out leaving yellow and white to sparkle then underlay the original again underneath. But rendering completely obliterated my computing power 0_0.*

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    I would think that was done in after effects becuase none of the Vegas effects.....glint, starbursts, rays.........will give you that straight across horizontal angle, with no verticle lines. I'm pretty sure, but I could be wrong.

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    This is Optical Flares on After Effects, for the exact effect you'll need to mask the drummer, duplicate the Optical Flares and put the drummer mask in the middle, to the Optical flares in the front you'll need to change the opacity to 25% or something like that, and let the optical flares in the background 100%, the horizontal ray you can find it in the presets already done, and for the "lights" you should check the presets at "natural flares".

    Anyway, I agree it can be done with camera lens and real lights.

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