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    Edit: More recent version of the video further down the thread!

    Hey, this is my first attempt at making a music video. It's unfinished, I was hoping to get some advice whilst I am making it instead of after. So any feedback would be really really appreciated. This is just half of the video, and it still needs a LOT of work. Of you could help guide me on what works and what doesn't that would be great.

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    I really liked that. Lots of tanatalising shots managed to keep the interest in what is otherwise just a performance video.
    One of two shots seemed a bit of an odd choice - the shoy of the top of the kick drum as the guitar solo cut in, for example.
    And the guitar at 20s was clearly not plating what we were hearing - unless he's using a rather unusual tuning.

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    Thanks for the feedback. You're right about the guitar at 20s. That shot has been niggling me. I'll also look at finding a more appropriate shot to start the solo. Someone else said to me that the shots of the shopping trolley seemed out of place. Is that something you noticed?
    I'll keep working at it and post an update when I'm further down the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foodage View Post
    Someone else said to me that the shots of the shopping trolley seemed out of place. Is that something you noticed?
    Personally I really liked them. It added an air of mystery - particularly as the first times we see it, it gives the impression thet the Fender amp (and possibly the band) is in a cage.
    Whilst I'm all for overblown performances (being a fan of early 70's prog rock) I also like down to Earth, almost self effacing look. For some reason the shopping trolley put me in mind of Phil Collins' Top of the Pops performace of "In the Air Tonight" where he used a Black and Decker Workmate for a keyboard stand, complete with paint tin and brushes.

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    I liked what you got so far, looks like you captured a good performance. The only thing that stood out for me was two shots of the trolley too close together around 2:20 and a shakey camera between them. Not sure about the split screen at around 30 secs either, I think I'd swap it for the two shot you have at 44 secs. BUT thats a personal taste thing not a technical point.

    It's looking good so far, keep it up and your first music video is going to be a very good music video.

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    Thanks. You're exactly right about the two shots of the trolley being too close together, I'll definitely sort that out. I think I'm gonna keep the split screen thing near the start.

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    I enjoyed watching your video and thought it was very well put together.
    I watched it through without noticing anything out of place (ie) I just enjoyed watching (ie) good sign

    The editing was well done and kept my attention through out)

    I personally didn't like the trolley but hey that's just a personal opinion........ doesn't ruin the video .

    Great job guys!!!

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    Got round to doing a complete draft of the video. I think I have addressed the issues that were mentioned above. Thanks for the feedback.

    There is some shaky cam in this (some intentional, some not so intentional), and some jumpcuts, which I like but I'm concerned that they look amateur. The main guitar solo is the section that I find most problematic.

    Once again, feedback is super helpful to me. The more specific the better. Thanks.

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    I like this. Just a couple of things, at 1:15 you are missing a clip, the screen goes blank after the shopping trolley shot for a couple of seconds. At around 2:13 you go to a shot of the front of the drums but the music cried out for a shot of the ride cymbal. The rest of it is very nicely done. The look fits the song and the band.

    Great song well performed, nicely captured and presented.

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    Should have spotted that missing clip before the render. Thanks.

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