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Thread: Carnation War LCCS Student Council Promo (Real Life Modern Warfare)

  1. Default Carnation War: Call of Duty Modern Warfare in real life (with flowers!)

    [EDIT: Moved to new thread - one video per thread, please]
    Edit: Since this got moved into a new thread, I'll put my original response at the bottom.

    This video I made as a promotional video for my high school. We sell carnations for valentine's day. The response to the video was actually astounding and we broke sales records (we almost had a 2 carnation per student ratio).
    Hope you all like it. As always, critiquing is welcome. Enjoy!

    Carnation War LCCS Student Council Promo (Real Life Modern Warfare) - YouTube

    Maybe I should have shared one of my more original ideas...this video is something I did for a high school club promotion. It's a spoof of Call of Duty modern warfare, posed in real life, with flowers instead of guns. Meant to be for promoting flower sales for valentine's day. Same amount of effort, but much more original!

    Carnation War LCCS Student Council Promo (Real Life Modern Warfare) - YouTube

    Sorry, not to get off topic. Just a little redemption for my case :P
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    I thought that was really well made. You seemed to really make some good attention to detail. I'm not a gamer so I don't know exactly how close it is to the original game but to me it looked good.

    Well done.

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    Not sure what I cut from your original response - apologies.

    I really didn't think I would be watching this til the end. It was a funny, but very simple idea and I suspected the joke would wear thin very quickly. However, you managed to keep my interest throughout which really surprised me.
    You obviously had no control over the lighting so main sequences had a rather flat and neutral look, but at least they were lit so we could see everything. The bedroom shots were clearly warmet in colour - and this could work in your favour - depicting a difference between being outside the gaem and being inside it - except the shot of teh guy with the electric bass has a similar colour to the flourescents in the school hallways.
    I liked the little touches like "minor characters" who have no interation with the game character appearing from time to time, the guy who wa wandering round aimlessly in circles and the madp disply - simple enough to do, but it it takes effort and in time consuming.
    I enjoyed it.

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    Tim- i appreciate the positive feedback! Although the video turned out well, its still not exactly how i had first pictured it...unfortunately my time for editing is limited, especially since im a full time student :/

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