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  1. Cool Zombie Nation

    Heya All,

    New YouTube video online title Zombie Nation. Please have a look and let me know what you think! Crit welcome

    Hope you enjoy!

    Kind regards,

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    I thought it was great until the zombies appeared. Then I got bored.
    The opening shots were a great mix of interesting angles, slickly edited to tell a story. I loved the steady cam shot running towards the gate as the talent does the same, running into the shot.
    She gets to the door, turns around and then a load of zombies which would have been in shot earlier appear as if out of nowhere and it becomes rather ordinary loads of zombies advancinga and fx of gunshots. Nt a lot wrong with it (apart from the late shot of the zomble against the wall pillar where the bullet took a few seconds to reach him), but nothing there made me want to watch it.

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    Great opening some very nice thought out shots, it's a shame the story just fizzled out as the quality of the video was good but a girl shooting a load of zombies does not make a story line. I'm sure you have made better videos, you have the talent so just choose the right story and let the creative juices and your obvious technical abilities flow.

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    Hi Ruan

    First 45 seconds great ...... you really had my attention and it looked very professional.
    Must admit I agree with above (ie) zombies spoiled it for me too.
    The opening was better than that and deserved more in my opinion.

    Agree with MB you have talent for sure the first 45 seconds proves it ....... just pick a different story and maintain the quality of the first 45 seconds and you will be on to a good thing.

    Best of luck with your next project ...can't wait to see it Ruan


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    Thanks for the cool feedback!! Will defo keep all this in mind!

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    I liked it. I kind of wish you let zombies do more than just being "canon fodder". CC was great

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    Great Camera Angles and shots, Loved it Shooting / Headshots / Blood splatter thats one heck of a challenge. Very difficult to succeed in getting the timing right.
    It starts here, cant wait to see your next film
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