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Thread: Remote control of camcorder

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    Default Remote control of camcorder

    When you need advice...go to the here I am seeking advice.

    I have a Canon Legria HFM41 Camcorder with it's supplied wireless controller. I have hooked up to the computer monitor using HDMI cabling etc so I can position my camera down the garden and observe on the monitor when something happens that I want to record ... baby Starlings getting fed at the using the wireless controller I can operate the camera to record when I want....except there is a problem:

    The wireless controller supplied with the camera only has a range of about 12-15 feet (depending how bright the sun is) so my question to all you knowledgable folk out there is this:

    Is there a remote control (wired or wireless) that has a greater range (25-30 feet plus would be good) and that I can use on this camcorder? I also have a Panasonic HDC-HS700 camcorder which also has a wireless controller but this is even less use because it only works from in front of the camera and even then only from about 10 feet away.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks......The Forester

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    I'm guessing your remote is Infra-red?

    Just buy an infra-red extender.

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    Right, thank you...sounds like a good idea. I had never heard of such a device until you mentioned it...but I will look into it now.

    Any that you know of which might be better suited to my needs or are they all similar (I really have no idea so would appreciate a quick comment.

    Cheers...The Forester.

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