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Thread: How to fix overbright backgrounds?

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    Hi all! So recently I've been having a bit of an odd issue. I have an off white table with white stripes I use for recording. When I record something that is not filling a lot of the frame, I'm fine. But as soon as I film something that nearly fills the frame, the entire background gets blindingly bright and overexposed. This happens with two cameras I've tried. (Kodak Zi8, Sony Bloggie DUO HD) Here's some pics to give you an idea. This is ruining my shoots and driving me nuts! Any idea how I can fix this?
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    In the wider shot there is a lot of white so the automatic exposure is balancing for that, in the closer shot there is far less so it's balancing for what is taking priority in the frame. Your automatic white balance is also taking effect, in the wider shot where there is a lot of white it is getting it right, in the closer one where there is a larger percentage of red in the frame it's turning your whites pinkish.

    Can you set manual exposure and white balances in your cameras? If not what are you using to edit, most NLE's can make white balance adjustments and will allow you to lower the brightness in the highlights.


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