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Thread: Boat Fishing Video, Feedback pls

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    Hi all
    I am very very new to this, I am a fisherman not a cameraman but I want to learn to take some grt video for my website.
    Yesterday it was a grey day but I took some footage and made a short test film this morning.
    I would be very grateful if you could have a look and offer me feedback on improvements, also how to get it better in focus with more detail...

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    I've fixed the link for you. Black Bream fishing, Portsmouth, UK. - YouTube

    It's not a bad video considering you are a fisherman and not a videographer. If this is intended to be an instructional video I think a voice over would help so you can explain exactly what you are doing, why you are twisting the bait on the hook like that etc. Try an cut down on showing the zooming. It would look more professional if you set the shot recorded, then cut to an already zoomed in shot rather than seeing the in and out bits.

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    Hi Glen

    I realise there is some issues with the size displayed on "You Tube" but I imagine that is quickly fixed.

    Wasn't to keen on the music choice but music is a personal thing I know.

    I agree with MB's advice about adding a voice over would really take this video to the next level in my opinion .

    I am like you Glen (ie) not a videographer but learning about it to get stuff done that requires that I learn about it .
    You have come to a the right site trust me.

    As you can see I arrived and stayed ...hope you do too.

    All the best and good luck with improving your fishing video

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    Thanks for the replies,
    Pls have a look at my second attempt, I have made some changes, I would particularly like to know how to make the footage flow smoother, it seems juddery, is that to do with the frame rate, if so can you help me change it?
    Fishing Charter Boat, PORTSMOUTH, Sea Bass, Mackerel, Bream. - NEW VIDEO

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    The main issue I see is what is called jump cuts this is when you cut from one shot to a very similar looking shot example is at around 1:17 you got around this earlier with going to a caption then cutting back so that is one way to deal with this. Another way is after or before the main "action" take some close ups of gear or bait or general shots of the boat or the view out to sea. You can then use these shots to intersperse with the main action to prevent jump cuts. You could also use a simple fade to black to show time has passed.

    You did a cut at 1:50 which would have been ok as at the beginning of the shot you were much more zoomed in than before but unfortunately you had a lot of shake on the camera just after the cut which kind of spoilt the shot.

    The other thing about the video is the sound. Using the on board camera microphone doesn't give you very good sound, something like a clip on mic would have greatly enhanced the over all quality of the video.

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    Yes I agree with MB

    Getting a mic off the camera and it will make a big difference in improving the sound.

    Keep going and improving

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